Client Testimonials

Christa is absolutely the best and her professionalism is unsurpassed. Thanks for the guidance in a tricky market!

- Maracus L.

Christa is one of the best and first realtor that we had. We loved working with her. She helped us in giving us advice when we needed it. She was there when we needed her the most. If it wasn't for her we would not have our house today. If you want a realtor that would help you find the perfect home for your family, she is the ONE. We couldn't done in without her.

- Bianca F.

These are words I would describe Christa. Humanitarian, Courteous, Respectful, Friendly,Intelligent, Skillful, Tactful Communication, Does not mix business with pleasure, Has Integrity,Trustworthy, Has dignity, Always willing to educate others, Good listener, Detail oriented, pleasantly assist clients with smiles always. Has a humungous heart and willing to go above and beyond to assist her clients within her company guidelines, policies and procedures to get their needs met. Excellence organization, Interpersonal. She appeared to consistently treat and helped other people with the same respect and manner the same as she treated us and we have seen he actions with my our own eyes. We have had a wonderful experiences and fortunately to have work with her in selling and advised on purchased a quality home. We Would RECOMMEND Christa to anyone and we have. Keep up the good work and bless you and your family Christa. Overall, she's a wonderful all around individual.

- Moni K.

Christa sold our home in 2 days. We were very impressed how she presented our home. The walk through video she created was impressive. Now we will use her to buy two other homes with the money from our sale. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell.

- Pablo B.

Christa is very knowledgeable and fast. She sold our house the minute it went on the market. She kept us abreast of everything as it was progressing. If i ever buy or sell a house in Colorado i will seek her expertise out.

- Randy P.

Christa is fantastic. She talked me through the entire process of buying a home. Really focused on what I was looking for and made time to help me find it.

- Josh D.

Christa is very friendly, knowledgeable, and shows amazing work ethic. There is so much value within her services. We will definitely be calling Christa Madrid when we are ready to buy another home!

- Andrew R.

Christa is an amazing agent. Her knowledge is excellent and her ability to communicate is also fantastic. Not only did she help with the buying of this townhouse but she was very good at helping to refer knowledgeable people for the other things that needed to be done. I can’t imagine any other agent being as good as she is. She always made me feel confident and comfortable with what was happening. And I would definitely recommend her as an agent to help you sell a home or to help you buy a home.

- Michelle Edwards

Christa is very friendly, knowledgeable, and shows amazing work ethic. There is so much value within her services. We will definitely be calling Christa Madrid when we are ready to buy another home!

- Andrew R.

Christa is AMAZING! Being a first home buyer, I walked into it completely blind and worried. My worries subsided moments after meeting Christa. Her honesty and sincerity were apparent just several minutes after talking to her. She made it clear she was here to help find the perfect home for me, and she exceeded my expectations. She made the process seamless and stress free, so much so, that we are currently looking for a second investment home. She will continue to be my go to for futures purchases and sales.

- Nina T.

Christa Madrid is the greatest realtor I know. She is extremely thorough and detail oriented and she makes sure that all of her clients feel knowledgeable and ready when purchasing a home. As a realtor, it is apparent that Christas number one priority is making sure that her clients are happy and well taken care of throughout the entire home buying process. Her positive attitude and well rounded knowledge of the realty world make her a top notch choice when finding your dream home. You wont be disappointed.

- Raina M.


Christa was honest, very knowledgeable, professional, kind and diplomatic. I would refer her to family and friends. Top Notch!!!



- Pat and Donna Brumage

I've known Christa for 20 years, both personally and professionally. She's a consummate professional who focuses completely on the needs of her clients. Her sole focus is the happiness of her clients. I've used her to buy one home already and 'm planning to work with her again this summer to shop for my next home. She's an absolutely wonderful person and a spectacular real estate pro! You can not do better than working with Christa!

- Andre V.

No one works harder for her clients than Christa. She is a true professional and it's always a pleasure to work with her.

- Ken M.

Christa was by far the most prompt and professional real estate agent I have ever worked with. She fights for your interests and what you are looking to get out of your home. She is also very quick to answer any questions you may have about the home buying process, and does so in a very calm and polite manner. She made the process very easy for us, it was truly a pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone that asked me if I know an awesome real estate agent. She's the best!!!

- Casey S.

I used Christa on the sale of my house. She was very responsive and sensitive to my needs. I would use her again and I refer her to my friends all the time.   

- David M.

Christa is such an amazing human being! She will do anything for her clients and make sure they feel comfortable and understand everything. It was a crazy ride for us to find a home but she did everything to make our move amazing! She would answer all of our questions and she never made us feel bad for asking so many questions. She truly cares about her clients. I would highly, highly recommend!!

- Ania A.

If you are looking for integrity, values, and professionalism! this is your go-to Realtor! all under one person! call her NOW.. you will be thankful you did.

- Dee G.

Sets and meets great expectations. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She is also willing to go above and beyond to help you find what you are looking for.

- Latosha M.

Christa helped us sell a rental property while we were living out of state. Her expertise helped us navigate the ups and downs of the Denver market. She was professional, responsive and always made you feel like you were her only client. While selling a house is stressful, Christa made it feel easier by communicating and having a wonderful attitude throughout the process. I highly recommend Christa for your real estate needs.

- Liz M.

We bought our first house with Christa and we loved her! She is awesome and I would never pick anyone else! She is very honest and will help you no matter what!

- Crystal G.

She is very friendly and helpful in your search of a new home! With a lot of information and expertise, I would recommend Christa to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.  

- Paul R.

Christa helped me buy my first home. We in a time crunch since my lease was about to end (and Denver's Renting Price is outrageous) and we had a new baby in our home, getting into a good one was paramount. We found a home that needed a little cosmetic work but all in all a solid home for a first time military home buyer. Christa navigated through all the paperwork and helped ease the stress by explaining the contracts. She treats buyers as friends and ends up becoming family.  

- Christine L.

Christa Madrid was a Godsend to me. She got my house sold within about 3 weeks for a fair price. I was out of state and she stepped in on my behalf and handled the whole process with expertise and friendliness. I highly recommend her for anyone needing the help of a responsible realtor.

- Jeanine S.

Christa is the consummate professional. She made this whole process easy and understandable. Her knowledge of the real estate market is exceptional. I can not recommend her more highly!!!

- Andre Vuagniaux

I had the pleasure of working with Christa Madrid. She is a very hard worker and totally dedicated to providing wonderful customer service. She takes the time to listen to people to find out what they need. She gives the best customer service of anyone I have ever worked with. She is kind , sweet, funny, intelligent, hard working, thorough, dedicated, giving and extremely considerate of others. She excels at anything she does. She truly cares for people and often does considerate little surprises to please others. She is honest and would never hurt or take advantage of anyone. She takes pride in doing a great job and putting in the time and work to do a job she can be proud of. I totally recommend Christa to help you to find a great home for you.

- Kyle A.

I have known Christa Madrid for over 30 years on both professional and personal levels. She is so easy to work and did excellent research to help me decide whether to sell my house and move into another I was looking into or keep it and wait it out a little longer. She has given me great advice on making my house marketable and soon I will be listing it with her. She has been my teammate on some rough challenges such as numerous half marathons, and TWO Tough Mudders and she stayed positive and encouraging the entire time when others were ready to give up. There isn’t anyone that I would’ve trusted more with such a big decision for my family. 

- Renee B.

Christa is a true professional and an advocate for her clients. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Anybody would be extremely well served to work with Christa. I give her my highest recommendation.

- Mischa D.

You can't go wrong working with Christa. She is driven and dedicated to the task at hand. I had many opportunities to work with her on various projects and she always delivered what she promised. Her follow up, attention to detail and dedication are just a few of her attributes that make her a successful and resourceful individual. Her blunt honesty is a like a breath of fresh air, she always made sure, I understood the process as well as timelines and possible set backs. Her ability to deliver time and time again makes her number one in my book!

- Karla G.

Christa is very professional, extremely responsive and knowledgeable. I could lean on her expertise to guide and direct me, to show me what to look for, what's truly important, and what's "lipstick on a pig". 

- Stacy A.

We had a great experience selling our home with Christa and we definitely recommend her. She is easy to talk to, educated, informative and grateful. Further, she always respond in a timely manner to our questions and/or needs.

- Kara G

Christa was amazing. We were coming from out of state so she cleared her schedule for us while we were in town house hunting and spent the whole day driving us around looking and explaining the different areas. Once we found our dream house which was new construction she also went biweekly to take photos of the progress for us. This was such a huge help because it caught a lot of mistakes that were easily remedied while the work was in progress instead of the day before we closed. I can't imagine the stress we all would have faced without her doing this! I highly recommend Christa to anyone looking to buy in the Denver area. She is extremely caring and is passionate about her work and I now consider her a friend. 

- Carrie D.

Christa is a hardworking go-getter. I've been very impressed with the way she gently deals with people and treats them with respect and honesty. I recommend Christa to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

- Tony A.