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Christa Madrid

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Christa Madrid

With a heart for giving, Christa believes that what we put out to the Universe will come back to us in abundance and she LOVES applying that to her real estate business, always looking for ways to lend a hand – and not in the traditional sense! She has been known to baby-sit, board a dog for a week, help pack up a house and load a moving truck, clean a buyer’s house in the middle of the night, and disassemble a backyard playset! If you ask her what her real estate superpower is, she’d say she simply cares. She is most inspired and fulfilled when she can help someone believe in themselves and their dreams.

A dedicated listener and observer, Christa is often sought out for advice, both personally and professionally. She’s also a life-long problem solver – sometimes to a fault – and has overcome a lot herself to get where she is today. After graduating with a high school class of only 18, she had dreams of being a Colorado State Trooper. She earned an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice (AASCJ) and her Peace Officers Standards and Training Certificate (POST) but had to turn her focus instead on being a single mom, choosing a more predictable job in telecom. It didn’t stop her from reaching for the stars, however, and when she became a Realtor, at her first brokerage she quickly earned Rookie of the Year, followed by Executive Club twice and the 100% Club twice. She would have earned it again but joining the CHR family was more important to her than another glass trophy.

One sure way to see Christa accomplish something is to tell her that she can’t…like complete two “Tough Mudders”, over a half dozen half-marathons (one in Spain), and even a full marathon! Besides her husband reminding her often how proud he is of her, she feels her greatest accomplishment is being a business owner. Christa is also proud to have been the black sheep of her family; going against the grain has led to great accomplishments for her, breaking chains and family “curses”. Through all of it, she hopes to be an inspiration and leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren.

On a typical Saturday, you will more than likely find Christa hosting an open house or two and when time allows, traveling with her family. Las Vegas (where her husband proposed) and Puerto Vallarta are frequent favorites – even then, if there’s an internet connection, she’s selling houses! In addition to a few domestic adventures, she has also ridden ATV’s in Aruba, climbed a pyramid and swam in a cenote in Mexico.

At home, she is a Nuggets fan, enjoys reading books like “You Are A Badass” and “Crushing It” and has a pretty cool playlist of music including a variety of genres. As one who generally has an optimistic outlook, she has zero-tolerance for negativity and what she calls “energy vampires”!

Words Christa live by: “Be true to yourself.”

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Office Phone 720.981.4109
Cellphone 720.732.1607